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Why we learn SketchUp?

22.4.2010 by scajanek

It has a reason, of-course. I will tell you now what. Just three words are behind. Computer Numerical Controled.

You can control numericaly many things. Imagine we draw a numbers onto the school tiles and all of you get the piece of paper full of numbers numbers linked with those written on the tiles. If you have to move according the numbers only you can experience what it means to be numericaly controled

The brain of young boys is not set to be numericaly controled othervise we would have numbers on the school floor 🙂 and everybody would cut staight if I say to cut straight and would not press the glue tube on the top if I clearly say do not it..

Suprisingly their brain is for thinking… 🙂

The thinking itself  would not build the boats. We need a machine. The numericaly controled machine. We will connect computer to it and will have a CNC cutter. The picture shows how it will look like.

We learn SketchUp for having something to cut on the machine. For instance we make a model of the cabine

The outlines of the cabine will be converted into the G-code that CNC machine can understand:

N1 G90 G40 G17
N2 G00 X20 Y20
N3 S500 F0.5 M3
N4 G01 Z-1.0
N5 G01 X20.0 Y5.0
N6 G01 X5.0 Y5.0
N7 G01 X5.0 Y20.0
N8 G01 X20.0 Y20.0
N9 G01 Z10.0
N11 M02

Is it terrible? No no, it is simple and it works!

Unfortunately we are not so far yet. The CNC cutter is being manufactured right now. We do have a computer and all  components ready.

So who will be able to make the model in SketchUp will have also advantage because it will be his drawings that will be processed by our CNC.

But there is one thing I will insist on it for ever. Never ever press the glue tube on the top!


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