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19.3.2010 by scajanek

Variability of our work makes me sick.. Imagine what everybody has to do during two ours – scissor with one hand, cutt with other, glue withr third hand, sand with fourth, filler with fifth. Sixth hand destroys in fury what was made shortly before, seventh arises to ask what to do, eighth just does not want to work today, nineth does its own way despite a good advice given and tenth is here for fun only..

To survive that I brought an attractive thing – Lego Technic and Mayflower plastic kit. As a result I got a relative quiet working space 🙂 because those who did not know what to do with their hands played with Lego and real modelers could continue with boat building

Now it is a good time to describe the practical end of our SketchUp 3D modelling.  We put the component contours onto one flat sheet and printed it out.  Having that guide it is a much easier to cut out the identical pieces of cabins out of polystyrene and glue it together. There is already one small cabine made on the boat (yes, it is that small box put on the deck :-)

Vojta did not succeded to have a sheet plan of his cabin yet,  therefore he made the removable flat base on which all cabins will be glued on.

See you next time


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