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31.1.2010 by scajanek

It is not a  ketchup but „google sketchUp“ and it is not for eating but modeling, 3D modeling moreover. Have a look at the pictures in the gallery what we did. A model of a desk and laptop all of us worked with. It is a quite good job isnt it? Right, some details like keyboard, connectors and trackpad are still missing,  floor and walls as well. All of it we will finish on the next course.

Boys have learned  the basic principles very quickly so they will be able to design boat cabins soon.

You can create almost everything in Sketchup. From pushpin to Eifel tower or skyscraper.  There is an exaple of wessel on one picture. I downloaded it from the internet.

There are limits in Sketchup, of-course, especially in surface modeling, but for our purposes SketchUp  suits perfectly.

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